Sunday, April 18, 2010

Katy Mills Mall

Last weeekend we went to Katy Mills Mall to find matching polo shirts for all the kids. The boys had their school pictures this week so I wanted them to match. Laramie was also in the picture and she had a matching shirt also. We also founs the merry go round that Landon insisted on riding.
Landon riding the boat.
Laramie riding the train.

Landry riding the dog car.
This is a funny storytoo. We were coming out of Catrters and Landon saw this train. He bolted running after the train. He chased it all the way to the food court were the train starts at.
We promised if he ate lunch that he could ride the train. The train took you on a ride around a portion of the mall.
Mommy, Landry, and Landon on the train.

Mommy, Landry, and Landon

Laramie chose to ride the Carousel instead of the train. She also got a horse stamp on her hand. Anyone who knows Laramie knows how much she loves horses. I think she saw that and was sold that she needed that horse stamp on her hand.

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