Friday, April 30, 2010

Bluebonnets 2010

On Sunday the kids and I went for a drive and found these bluebonnets. The kids had fun looking at the pretty flowers. I think Landry had the most fun. I never could get him to look at the camera because he was so in ahh of the flowers.

Landry's first bluebonnet pictures

Larmie and Landry
My Mischevious one

Maifest 2010

This Laramie maifest costume this year. For those of you who don't live in Brenham, This is a home town parade they have on Mother's Day weekend. There is a Queen and a King who are Brenham natives. Laramie is a Madi Gradi Bead Thrower. My mom make Laramie's costumes every year. Thanks Grandma.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Special Men in our Boys Lives

Landry missed Uncle Randy's birthday by 24 minutes. They still get to celebrate together anyway.

This is Uncle Randy with Landry. He is also his Godfather(aka God Popi as Randy likes to be called).
This is pawpaw Littleton( Jeramie grandfather) with Landon. Three years ago Landon was Pawpaw's first birthday present of the day because Landon was born at 12:00a.m. on pawpaw's birthday. They have their own special bond with each other.

Landon and Landry's Bitrhday Party

On Saturday we had Landon and Landry's birthday party. They had a blast playing friends and cousins. The weather was beautiful and we had lots of family and friends. Landon turned Three and Landry turned One!!

Landon with his birthday cake.
Landon with both of the cakes.

Caitlin .Laramie, Mia, Abby, LANDON, Cameron, Camyle, LANDRY, and Bailey.

Landon Blowing both candles out.

Landry enjoying his cake.

Landry diving in head first.

Landry with a red nose.

Cousins Collin, Addison, and Bryce enjoying Thomas the train.

Landry enjoying a ride on the pony.
Landon playing with his bubble mower.

Landry opening presents with mommy.
Cameron and Landon enjoying Thomas the Train.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Landry "The Big One".

On Friday Landry Wayne Zelenka turned ONE year old. I can hardly believe it came around so fast. Were does the time go. We had a little party at school with his friends. He really enjoyed the cupcake. Landry is walking now all over the place. He has also learned to blow things because in his room they have things on the ceiling and they blow them to make them move. He is still a very easy going baby. He has also leaned to climb into the chair with a hasic at the end of it. The only problem is he doesn't know how to get down and usually just fall off some way to get down. He still LOVES his binki.
There is fire on my cupcake.
I like this very much.

Trying to get it all in one bite.

Enjoying Ice cream with daddy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Granny

On Tuesday We celebrated Granny's birthday. All the family met at Marachi's to celebrate her birthday.
Lighting the candles.
The candles are lit. Landon trying to blow out the candles.
Landon, Papa, Granny, Mia, Landry, and Christine

Landon helping Granny blow out the Candles.

The Family

Katy Mills Mall

Last weeekend we went to Katy Mills Mall to find matching polo shirts for all the kids. The boys had their school pictures this week so I wanted them to match. Laramie was also in the picture and she had a matching shirt also. We also founs the merry go round that Landon insisted on riding.
Landon riding the boat.
Laramie riding the train.

Landry riding the dog car.
This is a funny storytoo. We were coming out of Catrters and Landon saw this train. He bolted running after the train. He chased it all the way to the food court were the train starts at.
We promised if he ate lunch that he could ride the train. The train took you on a ride around a portion of the mall.
Mommy, Landry, and Landon on the train.

Mommy, Landry, and Landon

Laramie chose to ride the Carousel instead of the train. She also got a horse stamp on her hand. Anyone who knows Laramie knows how much she loves horses. I think she saw that and was sold that she needed that horse stamp on her hand.

Cousins Love

Mia came over for a visit last Friday to play with the kids and have dinner with us. Mommy and Daddy had to go out of town. Landry and Mia had so much fun playing with each other. They are four months apart.

Landry pushing Mia

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to every one. God Bless.

Easter Morning before church.
Before the kids saw everything!

Spring Day

Landry enjoying the mower. He kept crawling towards the mower or were Jeramie was mowing. So we finally put him on it and he loved it.

Landry does not like the grass. So he bear crawled threw it.

Tube Surgery

Landry waiting to have tubes put in.

The surgery went well and he was a trooper. The left ear was a little thick from scar tissue from the ear infections. So it was a good thing we did the surgery. On Saturday he woke up with and ear full of blood, I paniced and call the doctor. He said there must have been some infection behind the ear drum when they did the surgery and that the tubes were doing there job by draining the infection out. So that made me feel better that now the infection has a way out and doesn't stay in this ears. He was a new kid and went back to sleeping threw the night. THANK GOD!