Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FUN IN THE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well Brenham had snow yesterday and the kids had so much fun experiencing it for the first time. This was our snowman we made him on top of the patio table.

Laramie's Snow angel

Laramie Making her angel.

Landon building in the snow. See all the snow on the roof.

Landon making a snow mountain. At least thats what he sai it was.

Laramie making a snow ball.

Landry trying to fill the snow.

He likes the snow.
Too bad it didn't stick around for awhile. It might be nice to have every once in awhile.

Laramie"s Sleepover

***Sorry for the Lack of posts. My camera and computer were not compatiable for a awhile.****

While Daddy and Landon went to the Monster Jam Larmie had a friend over for the night. Her friend was Aaliajah. She is in the fourth grade but they are only months apart in birthdays. I work with her mother at work. They have become very good friends. I took them to get there toes done and out to eat.

Getting there toes Done!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A day with my Daddy

This weekend Jeramie made plans to take only Landon to see the Monster Truck Rally at Reliant Stadium. This was the first trip for just Daddy and Landon.

Landon With the Monster Truck.
It's loud Daddy!!!!!!!!

Take another Picture daddy! Please!

He was a little scard at first. He got a grave Digger Monster Truck he has not put it down yet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Special Day for Landry

On Sunday we had Landry baptized. It was such a special day for him and us.

Landry with his sponsors Uncle Randy, Aunt Christine, And Uncle Wayne
Landry with Grandpa and Grandpa Dootie

Popu and Granny with Landry

Our family with the Siemsglusz's

Our family with the Zelenka Crew

Landry's Baptism Cake

A special thank you goes to My mom and Dad for making the wonderful lunch for Landry's special day. We couldn't have done it without them.

Dump Truck Fun

When we have to stay inside because of the rain and the cold this is what happens. Landon took Landry for a short ride through the house. I told him to go slow and I guess that mint go faster because he sailed threw the house like lightening. Landry didn't seem to mind he was enjoying it all.
Enjoying the ride
Not to sure at first.

Landon Learning the color BROWN

Over the last couple of weeks Landon has been learning different colors. I found these cute cupcakes in a magazine in the fall some time so I saved it. I figured it would come in handy to considering his class name is THE MIGHTY MONKEYS.

Landon enjoyed sharing them with his friends. They were a big hit.