Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Landry "The Big One".

On Friday Landry Wayne Zelenka turned ONE year old. I can hardly believe it came around so fast. Were does the time go. We had a little party at school with his friends. He really enjoyed the cupcake. Landry is walking now all over the place. He has also learned to blow things because in his room they have things on the ceiling and they blow them to make them move. He is still a very easy going baby. He has also leaned to climb into the chair with a hasic at the end of it. The only problem is he doesn't know how to get down and usually just fall off some way to get down. He still LOVES his binki.
There is fire on my cupcake.
I like this very much.

Trying to get it all in one bite.

Enjoying Ice cream with daddy.

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