Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some Resolution

Laramie has had trouble in reading and math since the first grade. I have been asking all a long for the school district to test her for dyslexia. They didn't think she needed to be tested because she always improved over the year, and never fell back. Well this year I started off fighting for her again and after failing math and her self esteem was in the gutter. We had her in every help class she could be in I finally convinced them to follow through with the testing. Guess What? She has Dyslexia. Now they have pulled out all the special classes she was in and have put her in dyslexic classes. When I found out I was so happy and so mad at the same time because I think a lot of this could have been prevented. She has two wonderful teacher this year and she actually looks forward to going to school now. She told her psycolgist that she liked reading and math now. Which she has never said before. I asked her later why she said that "If it was because she understood it" or "If it because her teacher are helping her better". She said her teacher help her understand and take the time to make sure she gets it. Thia is something we have never had before. Yes, I feel she has always had OK teacher with one exception, but she really loves these two ladies and we have seen a lot of improvement.

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